This very premium project required something extra special to welcome residents and visitors, so our team created two custom plinths with a bespoke textured black iron finish with a ornate shell incrusted bowl, topped off with the very striking variegated mothers-in-law tongue and smaller grasses and green foliage, these look at home next to the bespoke furniture and offer an insight to the quality of finishes in the interior.

As you enter the main reception from the entrance hall you are welcomed by the warm tones of yellows and gold fabrics with strong contrast to the dark stained furniture, for this area we used yellow calla lilies set within fish bowl vases to give an elegant yet contemporary feel to the table tops. Around the corners of the room are large palms set within decorative gold ceramic pots with a golden gravel resin bonded decorative finish, these pots stand at 180cm high and give great presence within the space offering an elegant and travelled feel.

Throughout the Edinburgh project we supplied multiple table top and sideboard displays varying in size and style, this project and how its finished with artificial plants and flower displays shows the level of attention to detail we will go to for our clients.