Plants & Trees

Our artificial plants and tree range has been carefully selected which gives us a true cross section of nature itself. we have many different options of quality products available in various styles, sizes, colour variation and something for every budget. We offer indoor and outdoor plants. Our outdoor range are all UV (ultraviolet) resistant and are labelled with a UV on our brochure next to the name of the plant/tree. We also offer FR (fire resistant) range for those who require additional safety to high traffic communal areas, please contact us to request further information on our FR range.

With our range there is multiple variations, simply follow the steps below and we take care of the rest.

Select your plant/tree, then select your chosen pot/planter and to finish just select your decorative stone, either resin bonded or washed loose stone, then we do the rest and if we deliver to your project we will site your perfect plant remove all packaging and make sure it’s looking just right.