Green Walls

Our green walls are all bespoke, made to order and personalised to suit our client’s requests. From fire rated, double height walls with heavy foliage and sculptural qualities to smaller single framed green art boxes. At Perfect Plant Solutions we like to think that anything is achievable, if we can design it then we can build it.

Green walls can vary a lot in size, type and quality, at Perfect Plant Solutions we only use the very best materials and with our design and construction experience, attention to detail is everything.

The green wall material can also vary, we build some green walls with preserved reindeer moss. This product is very versatile and more affordable than others, you can have this in many colours and it can be very sculptural depending on the base material, however, the main benefit to reindeer moss is how tactile it is, this makes it a great product to use within sensory rooms, or even reception halls if you want to make an impact, they become a feature and a talking point.

Other green walls can consist of mixed size foliage and even other non-green products such as woods, metals and surfaces such as concrete and stone, imagination is your limitation and at Perfect Plant Solutions we have a very creative imagination so please contact us today and we can assist you in creating your perfect green wall.